Partner Project

Healthcare Stigma Reduction Project
People with lived experience of mental health challenges speak about the stigma they face within the healthcare arena. Compassion fatigue can feed stigma and vice-versa. WISE Healthcare Coordinators work with leaders within healthcare organizations to strategize how best to address stigma. They are prepared to offer WISE Basics Healthcare and consultation on how to apply TLC4 in ways appropriate to the workplace culture.

Resident Led Parent Support – Milwaukee Neighborhoods
WISE members (MHA Wisconsin, Wisconsin Family Ties, and Rogers InHealth) are part of a local team of agencies, schools and resident leaders that are designing and implementing training and ongoing support for resident leaders to be able to effectively support parents when their children face mental health challenges.

Schools, Workplace and Healthcare – Wood County
WISE offers ongoing consultation to a county coalition led by WISE member, Wood County Department of Health.

Countywide Coalition – Sheboygan County
WISE offers ongoing consultation to a county coalition led by WISE member, MHA Sheboygan County.

Faith Network – Milwaukee
WISE is a member of MIRACLE (Mental Illness Raising Awareness in Church Leaders Everywhere). This is an effort to increase inclusion and support for people facing mental health challenges in primarily African American Christian churches in Milwaukee. This is an example of a reciprocal relationship where WISE brings whatever resources are deemed valuable to the local work and learns about the application of TLC4 in diverse populations and community sectors.

Department of Public Instruction – Statewide
WISE members (Rogers InHealth, Wisconsin Family Ties, and NAMI Fox Valley) are working with the state education agency to design training and resource material to train school staff. The focus of our work with the state is to support adult attitude and behavior shift to increase effective communication, co-planning and support for students and parents facing mental health challenges.