Past: WISE Coalition Meeting: The Cultural and Generational Impacts on Substance Use and Family Trauma

May 17, 2022

Our Speaker for this past WISE Coalition Meeting

Our speaker for this meeting was Ken Ginlack. Ken is widely known and respected within the Milwaukee recovery and behavioral health community. He is an Independent Clinical Supervisor, a fully licensed Psychotherapist, and has a master’s degree in Social Work. He was the Director of Outpatient Treatment Programs for Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division and is now the Executive Director of Serenity Inns in Milwaukee. Their mission is to offer an opportunity for holistic recovery from addiction and alcoholism to men who need it most, in a compassionate community of accountability.

Our time with Ken

He shares his personal story and discusses family and generational impacts on substance use and family trauma as well as the effects he sees on the culture as a provider. After each section, he answers questions.

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