The Compassion Resilience Toolkits provide support and resources to help organizations, teams, and caregivers build and maintain a culture of well-being and compassion.

These toolkits help teams and individuals maintain empathy, strength, and hope, and prevent compassion fatigue.

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What is Compassion Resilience?

Compassion resilience is the ability to maintain emotional, mental, and physical well-being while compassionately supporting others through the challenges of daily work. It involves maintaining empathy, strength, and hope in the face of adversity while taking steps to prevent compassion fatigue.

The Compassion Resilience Toolkits are designed to promote compassion resilience by providing resources and support to help professionals and caregivers maintain their well-being and compassion in the face of daily challenges. These toolkits, guided by a facilitator, offer guidance and support to help individuals navigate the demands of their work and maintain empathy, strength, and hope.

An Overview Video

An Overview of the School and Health and Human Services Toolkits.

Group gathered in circle participating in the Compassion Resilience Toolkit.

Used by Professionals in the Workforce

Picture of Kelly


"I was able to go back to upper management and share this information with them to help them gain a real knowledge base of what compassion resilience is and why it is needed in our organization."

Picture of Amanda


"As a facilitator, people would say things like, oh I never noticed that; 'Oh, I never thought about it that way. I thought I had good boundaries, but when I actually take the time to think about what that means, maybe they're not so great.' "

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"I find this toolkit to be very useful and easy to follow which makes me want to reference it again and again."
"By learning how to help and care for others, I am learning how to help and care for myself."

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"We have maximized this toolkit and it has made us a better organization and it's made us better individuals. I highly suggest this training and implementation into any organization."

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"I felt like I gave too much of myself and then you become exhausted and then the very thing you love you stop doing when in reality if you had just set firmer boundaries, it would have worked out a whole lot better for you and those that you were trying to help."

Collage of individuals discussing the Compassion Resilience Toolkit.

Reflection From Participants

See what facilitators and participants are saying about the Compassion Resilience Toolkit.