Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Parents and Caregivers

Why We Gather and Where We Are Headed

Section 1

In this toolkit we will explore ways to maintain a compassionate presence in our interactions with our children, family members and those we count on to support us. Throughout this toolkit we will explore our role in alleviating our family members’ distress while maintaining our own well-being. In other words, we will focus on growing our compassion resilience.

Our first focus in the toolkit is to outline the content covered in the Parents and Caregivers Compassion Resilience groups, discuss group agreements, family goals and give participants a chance to get to know each other.


Circle Agenda

Circle Agenda for Section 1, In-Person

Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session in-person.

Circle Agenda for Section 1, Virtual
Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session virtually.

Handouts to Support Content Covered in Circle Agenda

Full Content Outline

Value’s List

Self-Compassion Visual

Self-Compassion Scale

Master PDF of all Materials Needed for this Section

Section One Master PDF
Use this document to help make printing all materials needed for this section easier.


Dr. Kristin Neff’s Website on Self-Compassion

Online Self-Compassion Scale
This assessment is referenced at the end of the circle agenda for Section 1. Scoring is easier when completed online, so it is recommended you send a link to this assessment to your participants following the group. If you are leading your group virtually, you can put this link in your chat box during this session and if time allows participants can complete it during group.


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