Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Parents and Caregivers

Why Build Resilience?

Very few of us come to our role as parents knowing fully how to prepare a child for life in the world as well as all the behavioral challenges that are presented to us by our children.

At times, parenting can be overwhelming and can lead to burnout if measures are not taken to build skills, support resilience and alleviate the symptoms. A focus on compassion resilience enhances our capacity to empathize with our child’s suffering, supports our ability to parent in accordance with our values and goals, and builds our own life satisfaction. Children may also benefit from mindful, compassionate parenting by learning how to handle challenges and act with compassion through our modeling.

This toolkit helps us recognize compassion fatigue and its consequences, hone our family values and goals, develop a strong set of skills to manage expectations, set boundaries within our family, and practice real-time and ongoing self-care.

When participating as part of a group, this content encourages risk-taking and exploration of new ideas that contribute to our family’s ability to thrive.


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