Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Parents and Caregivers

Wellness and Resilience Strategies

Section 8

The four sectors of the compass model — Mind, Spirit, Strength and Heart — not only contribute to our overall wellness, but also provide guidance on strategies to help build our compassion resilience. Before delving in further, you may want to take a self-assessment of your current wellness practices if you weren’t able to in Section 3. This assessment is meant to provide you with insight into your wellness practices and perhaps give some suggestions on additional things you can try.


Circle Agenda

Circle Agenda for Section 8, In-Person
Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session in-person.

Circle Agenda for Section 8, Virtual
Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session virtually.

Handouts to Support Content Covered in Circle Agenda

Content Review Visual

Wellness Compass Assessment
This assessment was first distributed during Section 3 and is a fillable PDF that can be printed or completed on an electronic device.

Appreciative Inquire Reflection Sheet
Designed to support the virtual circle agenda, this document can be shared with participants as a fillable PDF to aid in completing the appreciative inquire activity towards the end of the agenda.

Master PDF of all Materials Needed for this Section

Section Eight Master PDF
Use this document to help make printing all materials needed for this section easier.


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