Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Parents and Caregivers

Compassion in Action

Section 2

In this section we will look at how to act with compassion in response to a someone’s distress. It turns out that coming from a mindset of compassion greatly adds to our ability to parent and our own life satisfaction. Our goal is to be able to lessen our child’s distress while maintaining our well-being.

Simply put, compassion is concern for the well-being of others. It includes both the awareness of others’ distress and a desire to lessen it. At the same time that we want to lessen another’s distress, we also understand that we cannot “fix” another person’s pain. This section helps us explore what compassion looks like in action.


Circle Agenda

Circle Agenda for Section 2, In-Person
Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session in-person.

Circle Agenda for Section 2, Virtual
Use this agenda if you are leading your group in a session virtually.

Handouts to Support Content Covered in Circle Agenda

Compassionate Action Steps
It is helpful to have a few copies of this visual in the center of the circle for every remaining section.

Emotional Regulation Plans

Strategies to Keep Calm

“Just Like Me” Cards
These are formatted so you can print four cards to a page. This format helps when printing these for a group of participants.

“Just Like Me” Cards for Sharing Virtually
This document has the “Just Like Me” activity formatted to a full page, best for when sharing this exercise with people virtually.

Moving from Empathy to Discerning Best Next Action
This is a supportive document can be provided to participants when explaining the Compassionate Action Steps. Included are examples of prompts caregivers can ask to help support others during step number 5, discerning best next action.

Master PDF of all Materials Needed for this Section

Section Two Master PDF
Use this document to help make printing all materials needed for this section easier.


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