Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Parents and Caregivers

Locus of Control

Section 4

As we have discovered in the previous sections of the toolkit, the goal of compassion resilience can be reached with the application of personal skills and perspectives combined with regular connections with individuals and organizations that operate from a base of compassion. In this section we will focus on the factors that can negatively impact our compassion resilience and explore our response and potential role in making
positive change.

Our families are imperfect systems made up of imperfect people. When we look outside of our own family to those that we rely on to provide for our health and well-being, we find more imperfection. The first step in lessening the negative impact of the systems we rely on is naming what it is about the systems that contributes to our compassion fatigue. The second step is to discover which items on that list we can change, which ones can those who support us address, and which ones we would best be served by letting go. This section will guide us through these questions together.


Circle Agenda

Circle Agenda for Section 4, In-Person
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Circle Agenda for Section 4, Virtual
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Handouts to Support Content Covered in Circle Agenda

Buckets Handout 
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Master PDF of all Materials Needed for this Section

Section Four Master PDF
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