Past: WISE: Lunch and Learn – Fostering Understanding and Compassion

Nov 15, 2023

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At our recent WISE Lunch and Learn session, we delved into the compassionate world of foster care. Our speakers, Dana and Jessica, foster parents themselves, shared their heartfelt journey and experiences. They highlighted the importance of building strong relationships with biological parents, emphasizing their role in nurturing and supporting not just the children in their care, but also their biological families.

Key Highlights

  1. The Power of Empathy: Dana and Jessica underscored the significance of empathizing with biological parents, many of whom face challenges like mental health issues or substance use. They emphasized the importance of removing stigma and approaching each case with understanding and support.
  2. Building Bridges: The session highlighted the crucial role of communication in fostering. By keeping biological parents informed and involved – through regular updates, sharing photos, and involving them in medical appointments – a cooperative and nurturing environment is fostered.
  3. Navigating Challenges: The speakers shared their strategies for dealing with the emotional challenges of fostering, such as maintaining a positive attitude towards reunification and seeking support through therapy and community resources.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: Dana and Jessica also touched on the importance of cultural sensitivity in foster care, ensuring that children in their care are exposed to their own cultural heritage and practices.


This Lunch and Learn was not just informative but also an inspiring call to action, encouraging more people to understand and support foster care, and to consider how they can contribute to the well-being of children and families in their community.

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