An Introduction to Honest, Open, Proud

Teacher teaching kids at a high school.

  In February, we discussed the TLC4 Model, which explains how WISE reaches various populations and produces tangible change throughout Wisconsin. Click here to reread that article. In that post, we also said that the best way to reduce stigma is to share our own mental health challenges and story of recovery with others. However, […]

The TLC4 Model

Many hands together showing unity.

In December, we discussed several stigma change processes, including protest, education, and contact. Of these, contact with those with lived mental health experience is the most effective. Hearing about the mental health challenges and the recovery efforts of others is the best way to decrease stigma and offer realistic hope to those facing similar challenges. […]

What is Stigma?

Learn about what stigma is and where it comes from, as well as whether stigmatization is decreasing and at what rate.

The Safe Person Decal

A decal titled 'The Safe Person 7 Promises' displaying the text 'I seek to listen & support', accented by overlaying green circles in the background.

Explore the 7 Promises of the Safe Person Decal, created with WISE in order to provide more spaces for those in need of an open ear and support.

If We Want To vs. If We Can

Mother helping her tired daughter with homework at home.

Examine how we give and receive motivation and the difference between the “do well if they want to” and “do well if they can” mentalities.