Up to Me Training of Facilitators (FULL)

Jan 9, 11, 2023

12:30 pm

 - 4:00 pm

A small group program for people who face mental health challenges.

About this event

People with and those who support others with mental health challenges face decisions everyday about if and what to say to friends, family, co-workers, and others about their experiences. Whether someone is returning from treatment, had a momentary “meltdown,”or is asked about a behavior that someone has noticed, knowing how to decide if and what they want to say can be key to moving forward with their recovery. If they choose to disclose, having an answer that points to their strength and resilience is empowering.

What is Up To Me?

  • Small group program for people who have faced mental health challenges;
  • People do not need a formal diagnosis to benefit from participation;
  • Based on an evidence-based program;
  • Co-facilitation is suggested, with at least one person having lived experience

What is the Facilitator Training?

  • Learn how you can support people who come to you about their mental health challenges;
  • Learn to facilitate, and recruit people for the Up to Me program in school and community settings;
  • Connect with community members passionate about promoting positive mental health

Program Content: Up to Me is a small group program for people with lived experiences of mental health challenges.

Participants explore the story they have been telling themselves about their challenges and resilience. They practice skills to reverse hurtful self-talk and then take a deep look at the costs and benefits of talking to others in the various settings of their lives (friendships, school, social media, etc.). For situations where people decide to talk about their challenges and strengths, the program prepares them to respond to unanticipated reactions. They practice writing their story from a strengths based perspective and, if they desire, sharing that with the group. The last session focuses on options for peer and adult support.

For additional questions, please contact the Community Learning and Engagement Team at wise@elimnatestigma.org

Visit Up To Me – WISE Initiative for Stigma Elimination (eliminatestigma.org) for training resources.

To register, contact alison.wolf@rogersbh.org with your name, email, and organization, or click the register button above. This training is provided at no cost.

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