WISE CoalitionĀ Lunch

Nov 15, 2023

12:00 pm

 - 1:00 pm

Foster Care: How to work with the system for the best outcome for the child(ren) and the biological parents.

About the Event

Join Dana and Jessica, hosting virtually from Wisconsin, as they share heartfelt stories from their fostering journey, discuss challenges, and offer insights on effectively navigating the fostering system. Gain perspective on the importance of community bonds and the rewarding experience of building lasting relationships with biological parents.


Dana: As the Elementary Dean of Culture at Milwaukee College Prep, Dana has passionately stepped into the world of fostering. With Jessica by her side, they’ve opened their home to several babies and a teen mom. For Dana, fostering is more than just a responsibility; it’s a way to support the community, connect with children, and build relationships with their biological families.

Jessica: As the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Coordinator at Rogers Behavioral Health, Jessica combines her professional acumen with a fervent commitment to fostering. Together with Dana, they form a resilient team, ensuring a nurturing environment and brighter prospects for every child they welcome.


You do not need to register to attend, but be sure to put on your calendar. Join the Zoom session directly by copying this URL: https://eliminatestigma.org/lunch

For any additional questions or information, please reach out to Alison Wolf at Alison.Wolf@rogersbh.org.

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