WISE Coalition Meeting: Adult Children of Alcoholics / Addictions (ACOA)

May 16, 2023

9:30 am

 - 11:30 am

Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addictions (ACOA): Overcoming Adversity, Be the Change Your Inner Child Wants You to Be

About this Event

Join us for a transformative WISE Coalition Meeting that will explore the challenges faced by adult children of alcoholics and those with addictions. Our three distinguished speakers will share their expertise, knowledge, and personal experiences to shed light on overcoming adversity and embracing change. This virtual event is free of cost but requires registration in advance. Don’t miss out on this empowering opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others who share similar experiences.

About the Speakers

Terri Ellzey, LPC, CSAC
Terri Ellzey is a licensed professional counselor and clinical substance abuse counselor who specializes in addiction counseling. As an educator and advocate, she is deeply committed to addressing institutional and structural racism. Currently, Terri is pursuing her doctorate in education at Fielding Graduate University, focusing on the intersectionality of racist euphemisms and dog-whistle democracy. As a member of the WISE planning committee, Terri actively contributes to the mental health and substance use disorder community.

Katharina Hren, MA, MS, CYT, LPC, SAC-IT
Katharina Hren is a skilled and multilingual licensed professional counselor and substance abuse counselor in training, specializing in ACOA. She holds an MA in Foreign Language & Literature and an MS in Community Psychology. Katharina is also a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. Her clinical interests include trauma, depression, racial and multicultural issues, at-risk youth, and spirituality. She approaches therapy using a person-centered, somatic, and mindfulness-based, trauma-informed style.

Mary Neubauer, Vice-chairwoman, Milwaukee County Mental Health Board
Mary Neubauer is a certified peer specialist and mental health advocate with firsthand experience of overcoming mental illness. She works to help others with mental illness find healthcare benefits and trains law enforcement on effective crisis intervention. As co-chair of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force and consumer representative of the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health, Mary is dedicated to improving mental health facilities and services. As the board secretary for the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board, she shares her inspiring story and advocates for better mental health care.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addictions (ACOA): Overcoming Adversity, Be the Change Your Inner Child Wants You to Be