WISE Coalition Meeting: Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health

May 22, 2024

9:30 am

 - 11:30 am

The Impact of Violence: Be a part of this essential conversation to advance mental health support for young people.

About this event

Join us for an insightful and collaborative WISE Coalition Meeting, dedicated to addressing the critical topic of mental health in children, adolescents, and young adults. This event brings together experts, practitioners, and community members to share knowledge, experiences, and innovative strategies in mental health care for younger populations.

About the Speakers

We will be hosting three speakers:


Dr. Maria Amarante, SAC, LPC, Ph.D

Presentation:  This presentation will examine the impact of childhood violence and trauma in our country, community, and schools. It encompasses a wide range of harmful behaviors and actions that can have profound and long-lasting effects on the well-being and development of children and youth.  Dr. Amarante will discuss strategies for therapists, social workers, and mental health professionals can use to support affected children and families to help promote safety, healing, and resilience.

Bio: Dr. Maria Inosencia Amarante is the CEO and founder of The Multicultural Trauma and Addiction Treatment Center of Wisconsin (located in Wauwatosa). Since the agency opened its doors in November of 2018, it has provided pro-bono services for those impacted by the social injustices in our communities. She has over twenty years of counseling experience with a wide range of patients in a variety of treatment settings. Her love of her Latino roots and growing up in an urban community, motivates her to maintain close ties to Paterson, New Jersey. She visits there often and has worked with the group “Teens to Be Heard.” She has also volunteered at various events that have focused on encouraging teenagers living in Paterson to pursue their dreams.


Jamar Jackson-Wilson

Presentation:  This presentation will focus on using the creative arts as an outlet for adolescence and young people who experienced violence to offset negative emotions when dealing trauma. Creative arts play a vital role in human culture, expression, and communication by allowing individuals to explore and express ideas, emotions, and experiences in unique and meaningful ways. He will use multimedia arts to help walk us through his journey, trauma growth, and provide positive resources for young people to encourage life skills in the arts.

Bio: Jamar Jackson Wilson is the creator of the Battle Scar Kids and founder of the Battle Scar Kids Foundation. His dedication to helping those overcome their external and internal battles led to the creation of the highly acclaimed Battle Scar Kids animation series, which served as the catalyst to the Battle Scar Kids Foundation. Jamar’s innate talents in drawing and music, nurture since childhood, let him to pursue a formal education in music business at Columbia College Chicago. As a successful entrepreneur and creative in several disciplines (music production, drawing, animation, mentor, and motivational speaker), his life experiences are the motivation to hep others live a life without limitations and reach their dreams.


Heddy Keith, M. Ed, CI, CPS

Presentation: Join us for an enlightening presentation delving into the intricate ways childhood trauma impacts the subconscious mind. Explore how these experiences subtly shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions, often operating beneath our conscious awareness. Our speaker will share practical strategies aimed at fostering healing among young individuals and families who have endured violence, offering pathways toward positive transformation.

Bio: Heddy Keith is a retired master teacher, Hypnosis instructor, author, and speaker. She is the author of 3 books: Through it All: A Memoir of Love and Loss The story of her journey through grief and loss and healing from trauma. Through It All Trauma Recovery Journal and African American Scientists and Inventors an Accelerated Learning Curriculum, which teaches about the accomplishments of African American Scientists and inventors who contributed to our country and the world. Heddy is the founder and CEO of the Center for Leadership of Afrikan Women’s Wellness (CLAWW), whose mission is to increase awareness and develop a network of services and circles of individualized support for Black/African American women affected by trauma in Milwaukee County.


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