WISE Coalition Meeting: Destigmatizing Parenting and Substance Use in Regard to Child Welfare

Nov 14, 2023

9:30 am

 - 11:30 am

We will dive into the stigmatizing issues surrounding parents with substance use disorders and how the legal system has many roadblocks for parents to overcome to reunify with their children.

About this event

Join us for an enlightening WISE Coalition Meeting, hosted virtually from Wisconsin, as we delve into the stigmatizing issues parents with substance use disorders face. Learn how the legal system poses numerous challenges for these parents striving to reunite with their children. This virtual event is free of cost but requires registration in advance. Ensure you grab this opportunity to understand, connect, and share experiences.

About the Speakers

Patti Heffernan
Patti is a person with lived experience in the foster system and juvenile justice system. This experience brings a unique perspective to finding sustainable systemic solutions. Through powerful storytelling coupled with state and federal data of the current systems in place Patti illuminates how these systems are counter-productive to the goal we all want to achieve. Her main role and passion is getting peer recovery support to biological parents who have had their children removed by Child Protective Services.

Rochelle Magee & Molly Hanseter
Patti will be joined by moms Rochelle and Molly who will share their personal stories and answer questions.


For an easy registration process, visit this URL: https://eliminatestigma.org/events/destigmatizeparenting

For additional questions, please contact Alison Wolf at Alison.Wolf@rogersbh.org

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