WISE Coalition Meeting: Parents Just Don’t Understand

Feb 21, 2023

9:30 am

 - 11:30 am

“Parents Just Don’t Understand”: Family Engagement in Adolescent and Emerging Adult Substance Use Treatment.

About this event

WISE coalition meetings offer one to three speakers who speak on mental health and substance use disorder topics with a focus on the stigma surrounding both. You must register ahead to attend. No cost. Virtual.

This presentation will provide an overview of how to understand family from a culturally responsive lens and ways to engage families in substance use treatment for adolescents and emerging adults.

  • How we define ‘family’
  • Reasons why families would not get involved in treatment
  • Ways to integrate families in substance use treatment for teens and
    young adults
  • Group engagement and discussion
  • Questions

This presentation is not just for clinicians and professionals. Peer specialists, teachers, parents, and loved ones will also benefit and are more than welcome to attend.

About the presenter

Gabrielle Jones, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and the CEO and founder of Steady Clinical Consultation, Training, and Development Services. She founded Steady to improve substance use treatment for historically marginalized populations at the system level and to provide consultation and coaching to leadership and executives who are committed to championing Belonging, Justice, Equity Diversity, & Inclusion (BJED&I) in their workplace and for their workforce. Her expertise is in substance use treatment for youth and adults, and BJED&I initiatives at the system level. She has over a decade of experience working with marginalized communities, specifically, adolescents labeled “at-risk”, people involved in the juvenile justice system and their families, and people who have substance use concerns or have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Dr. Jones has worked in direct care hospital settings, community mental health settings, primary school settings, and university settings as a faculty member. She provides trainings to non-profit organizations related to substance use and cultural responsiveness in the context of mental health treatment, and consultation to individuals working with populations listed above. In addition to Dr. Jones’s consultations and trainings, she is active in non-profit board leadership, serving as Vice Chair for The Miles Hall Foundation; an organization committed to creating an alternative to calling the police during a mental health crisis, and previously serving as the Membership Board Chair for the American Psychological Association.

To read more of Dr. Jones’ bio, visit her website Steady, LLC

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