An Unlikely Addict (Book)

Kristin's recovery story.

A nurse’s journey from addiction to recovery, sharing their story to raise awareness about the growing problem of substance abuse among healthcare professionals.

Debbie’s Story

Debbie's recovery story.

“I am proud to be deaf and I do not mind telling people and encouraging them to find out who they are in their identity. If I can help, that’s what I am here for.”

Mark’s Story

Mark's recovery story.

“I’ve been in recovery for 20 years…my journey in recovery never ends. When you learn to live with it, it is amazing what can happen.”

Lauren’s Story

Lauren's recovery story.

“When I think about my future, I get a little teary eye. Because anything is possible.”

John’s Story

John's recovery story.

“Life today is not perfect. But it is pretty good, and I can look in the mirror and respect the person that I see.”

Pastor Tim’s Story

Pastor Tim's recovery story.

“My life was all sorts of threads that wove together to make this tapestry. And there was this thread of depression. It’s not a thread I would remove.”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah's recovery story.

“My recovery, I recognize, is greatly impacted by being able to help others.”

Courtney’s Story

Courtney's recovery story.

“Today I am blessed, Today I am free, Today I proudly celebrate 1071 days sober… Tomorrow is never promised, so if I don’t die today, I’ll try change the world.”

Greg’s Story

Greg's recovery story.

“I’m okay with me today. I am not ashamed of it anymore. I know that I am not the only one.”