Briden’s Story

Briden's recovery story.

“Getting treatment is one of the most profound and amazing ways I’ve helped myself in life.”

Up to Me

A group of 4 teenagers in a casual setting in a conversation, laughing and smiling.

Sharing your story is up to you. Sharing someone else’s story is up to them. Seek permission, offer guidance, respect the experience.

Clubhouse Movement

Discussion on Clubhouse Movement.

“Here you never know the person’s diagnosis next to you and what their history is, and it does not matter … They gave me that push.”

Support Groups

Discussion on Support Groups.

“People trust me, people value my input and that’s a great feeling, and you can’t get that feeling by going out with people drinking.”

Art Therapy

Discussion on art therapy.

“It gave me something to think about, rather than the dark thoughts. It keeps me going.”

Dori’s Story

Dori's recovery story.

“I decided to tell my story because I don’t want other people to go through what I went through…I want to give other people hope.”

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth's recovery story.

“My life currently is really amazing. I never imagined that I would actually live past 25…. I’m looking at my future…. the future that I see 5 years from now is so gorgeous.”

Tara’s Story

Tara's recovery story.

“I want to see what I can do now, more than ever. I want to prove it to myself. What can this new Tara be capable of?”

Rick’s Story

Rick's recovery story.

“Recovery had to come from within inside of me…I was able to get better and reinvent myself.”