Pastor Tim’s Story

“My life was all sorts of threads that wove together to make this tapestry. And there was this thread of depression. It’s not a thread I would remove.”

Andy’s Story

“We all have different journey’s, we all have different processes, and we all have different beliefs.”

Brandon’s Story

“I want to get in the mindset of helping other people…I get a rush out of it, from telling people.”

Angelina’s Family Speaks

“Too often, police encounters with people with mental illness end up tragically or with someone being arrested. It just isn’t the right way.”

Randy’s Story

“There is help out there and all you have to do is ask. All you have to do is find the strength.”

Cammy’s Story

“If I can just give of myself. If I can just help one person feel better, that is a purpose in life. And you have to have a purpose.”

Angelina’s Story

“I have come to a place where I am more accepting of my condition. I’m able to work more through things.”

Mike’s Story

It’s a process of recovery. You can’t just get over it …. You are more than your diagnosis. You are a whole person.