Cierra’s Story

“I was all over the place. Now I’m more stable, physically and mentally. I don’t fly off as quick as I did before.”

Chris’ Story

“A big part of my recovery has been acceptance and awareness … Being able to be at peace, be at ease, really is freeing.”

M’s Story

“It is not the label, it is what you do to overcome that. That is what is crucial.”

Zach’s Story

“Mental illness can be anybody, even those you least expect … You can’t really judge a book by its cover, everyone has a story.”

Brittany’s Story

“Life is so much better. I cannot even explain how much better it is … It doesn’t consume me anymore.”

Katie’s Story

“I’m really a very capable person, despite having OCD … It was part of my past, it was horrible, but I wouldn’t wish it had never happened.”

Rachel’s Story

“Life goes on after tragedy, there is hope. OCD might attack the most important thing to you, but you can beat it with help.”

Autumn’s Story

“People don’t understand, it’s not a character flaw, it’s not a choice. I am a human being with goals, dreams, thoughts, aspirations.”

Tajuanna’s Story

“If you have mental health issues, it’s okay. It will be okay. You will be okay. I have accepted my path, it is my path, and it is not going to dictate my future.”