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Up to Me Resources

Here you can find documents that support the facilitation and implementation of the Up To Me program.

Our program helps individuals with mental health challenges share their stories in a way that is empowering and hopeful, while also working to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues.
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4 Part Video Series

The "Up to Me" video series addresses the issue of stigma on caregivers and offers strategies to reduce stigma and improve mental health journeys.
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Discussion of Up to Me implementation/Delivery in your setting

Implementation logistics, such as target audience, location, and marketing strategies, should be considered when facilitating the "Up to Me" program in a specific setting.
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Training of Facilitators Part 1

This presentation covers helpful and hurtful self-beliefs, stigma, and disclosure strategies, and offers resources for sharpening facilitation skills and planning implementation in order to build awareness and comfort around the "Up To Me" programs and provide a safe environment for exploring mental health challenges.
A group of 4 teenagers in a casual setting in a conversation, laughing and smiling.

Training of Facilitators Part 2

The second part of this series focuses on decision-making and strategies for effective disclosure, including exploring pros and cons, setting goals, considering choices and settings for disclosure, and preparing for and managing unhelpful reactions. It also covers the concepts of stigma and its forms, and provides tools and resources for sharing stories with others and reducing stigma.
Cover of a book Coming Out Proud Book To erase mental illness stigma.

Coming Out Proud to Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness: Stories and Essays of Solidarity

This is a powerful collection of personal stories and essays that celebrates the resilience and strength of individuals living with mental illness, while challenging the stigma and shame often associated with it. Through their inspiring journeys, the contributors show that recovery is possible and encourage others to embrace their own experiences with pride and confidence.