Up to Me Workbooks and Manuals

Here you will find both the participant workbooks and facilitator manuals for all versions of the program.

Our program helps individuals with mental health challenges share their stories in a way that is empowering and hopeful, while also working to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Teen Workbook

Designed to help young people with mental health challenges consider the pros and cons of sharing their stories and learn strategies for effectively communicating their experiences in a way that is empowering and hopeful.

Teen Manual

This companion guide for group facilitators, provides additional information and guidance on how to effectively share personal stories of mental health challenges and recovery.

Tourette Workbook

Tailored specifically for individuals with Tourette Syndrome, this resource offers strategies for dealing with the unique challenges and stigma associated with this condition.

1:1 Workbook

This version takes each group session and uses the content to guide a conversation between a provider (school social worker, counselor, therapist, etc.) and a client. Each part of the content is broken into four sections: Learning Together, Applying Together, and Review Conversation to allow the client to learn the concepts, apply them directly to their circumstance, and debrief their experiences.