Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Health and Human Services

Wellness and Resilience Strategies: Heart

Section 11

In the compass model the four sectors, Mind, Spirit, Strength and Heart, not only contribute to your overall wellness, but also provide guidance on strategies to help build your compassion resilience. Heart is one of the sectors. This section will take a deeper look at our emotions and our relationships—both with ourselves and with others. We will be invited to focus on our self-compassion as we seek to be compassionate in our relationships with clients, their families and our colleagues.


Key Activity

A Self-Compassion Exercise (10min) Dr. Neff
If Self-Compassion Scale was completed in Section 2, use developing an emotional regulation plans listed in the Supplementary Activities/Handouts section as your key activity asking staff to complete one for themselves.

Wellness Practice

Mindful Self-Compassion Break

Circle Agenda

Staff Circle Agenda, Section Eleven 

Core Content Visual

Colleague Conversations – Use this Visual and Display in Staff Break Areas
Posting this visual in common staff areas will serve as a reminder of content covered to staff and perhaps serve as a future conversation started for deeper reflection among staff members.

Supplementary Activities/Handouts

Developing an Emotional Regulation Plan

Self-Compassion Exercise

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Links Specifically for Leadership

Fostering Relationship Building among Staff

Additional Resources

Article discusses, from the perspective of nurses, workplace relationships, specifically trust and how it contributes to feeling accepted and valued by colleagues.

This article offers a brief introduction and tips for developing better communication skills through structured dialog and communicating your trust distinctions.

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