Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Health and Human Services

Compassion in Action

Section 1

In this toolkit we will explore ways to maintain a compassionate presence in our interactions with clients, their families and our colleagues. The rationale for this work, as described in the introduction, highlights the importance of compassion and resilience within the health care field and points to the many positive outcomes for clients, providers, and organizations as a whole. Our first focus in the toolkit is to ask: What is compassion, what does it look like in action, and what does compassion require of us?

Simply put, Compassion is concern for the wellbeing of others. It includes both the awareness of others’ distress coupled with a desire to alleviate it. At the same time that we desire to alleviate another’s distress, we also are confronted with the reality that we cannot always “fix” another person’s pain or suffering. Throughout this toolkit we will explore our professional role in alleviating client, colleague and other’s distress while maintaining our own well-being. In other words, we will focus on growing our compassion resilience.


Key Activity

Compassionate Action Steps – Scenarios for Discussion

Video: Excerpts from Section 1 Activities

Wellness Practice

An Invitation to Accept and Let Go of Resistance

Circle Agenda

Introduction to Staff Circles Agenda
This is a great place to start if your team is not use to receiving training in a circle format. Even if your team is use to circles, there are components of this agenda that would be helpful to include in your first Compassion Resilience circle, such as setting group agreements.

Staff Circle Agenda, Section One
This document arranges the core content in section one into a 45-60 minute agenda. It is one of many ways to facilitate the content in this section. Please make revisions to fit the needs and time restrictions of your group.

Core Content Visual to Display in Common Staff Areas

Compassionate Action Steps – Use this Visual and Display in Staff Break Areas
Posting this visual in common staff areas will serve as a reminder of content covered to staff and perhaps serve as a future conversation started for deeper reflection among staff members.

Supplementary Activities/Handouts

Tips for Moving from Empathy to Engaging the Person in Discerning Best Action

Moving Toward Stigma Free Healthcare

Discussion Guide for Stigma Free Healthcare

For Easy Printing

You can find all documents in this section included in this pdf for easy printing. 
The documents included are numbered individually, not as one document.


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