Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Schools


Appendix H
We are deeply grateful to the individuals and institutions who contributed to the creation and refinement of the Compassion Resilience Toolkit for Schools. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the toolkit’s development.


Charles Bauernfeind, MSW
Milwaukee Public Schools, School Social Worker

Sara Daniel
Daniel Educational Service

Kevin O’Brien
Children’s Wisconsin

Katie Ebinger, MSW, MPH

Sue McKenzie Dicks
Rogers Behavioral Health

Brittney Fair
Rogers Behavioral Health

Hanna Maechtle
Rogers Behavioral Health

Emily Jonesberg
Rogers Behavioral Health

Alison Wolf
Rogers Behavioral Health

Theresa Stolpa
Director of Student Services, Portage, WI Community School District

Monica Caldwell, LCSW
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Christopher Graff

Scott Stoner, LMFT
The Wellness Compass Initiative

Holly Stoner, LMFT
The Wellness Compass Initiative

Pamela Black
Courageous Workforce, LLC

Barbara Moser, MD
Mindful Self-Compassion Instructor, CompassionMKE

Ann Homstad

Andrea Woods

Joel D. Jackson, MAPP
Director, Inclusion and Equity Strategies, University of Chicago Medicine

Karen Spann Turner


Messmer Saint Mary Catholic School
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Milwaukee, WI Public Schools
Adams Friendship, WI Area School District

Our heartfelt thanks to all contributors for their valuable input and collaboration.

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