Compassion Resilience Toolkit For Schools

Compassionate Boundary Setting to Build Compassion Resilience

Section 6

“Without boundaries, you will act, sleep, work, groan, feel used and fulfill basic responsibilities rather than make choices to live and love fully, to work hard and nobly, to fulfill your purpose and to contribute passionately to your world.” (Black, J. and Enns, G, Better Boundaries: Owning and Treasuring Your Life. Oakland, CA. Raincoat Books)


Key Activity

Helpful Adult Behaviors (20-40 min)
This activity is a highly valuable activity to do with school teams or schoolwide at a staff meeting. It will also prepare you for the Staff Culture section of the Toolkit.

Video: Excepts from Section 6 Activities

Wellness Practice

Preparing to Write Your Mission Statement

Circle Agenda

Staff Circle Agenda, Section Six

Core Content Visual to Display in Common Staff Areas

Tips for Setting Compassionate Boundaries – Use this Visual and Display in Staff Break Areas
Posting this visual in common staff areas will serve as a reminder of content covered to staff and perhaps serve as a future conversation started for deeper reflection among staff members.

Supplementary Activities/Handouts

Compassionate Boundaries Reflection (15 min)

For Easy Printing

You can find all documents in this section included in this pdf for easy printing. 
The documents included are numbered individually, not as one document.


Links Specifically for Leadership

Leadership Support for Boundary Setting – Guided Discussion (15-30 min)
The leadership team will address key questions after participating in the Helpful Adult Behaviors activity with the whole staff or a small group of staff members.

Additional Resources

Self-Help Alliance, Building Better Boundaries, 2010

Brené Brown video on boundaries and empathy

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